Government Plans to Discount Electric Vehicles in Australia

Posted on 06 March 2023

Government Plans to Discount Electric Vehicles in Australia

The Australian Government has a Powering Australia plan to discount electric vehicles and make them cheaper for Australians to buy and operate. It is a part of the National Electric Vehicle Strategy to increase electric vehicle uptake. The strategy includes a $500 billion dollar Driving the Nation fund to construct nationwide EV charging stations on major highways. The Powering Australia plan makes up part of the Government’s overall strategy to reduce carbon emissions and meet emissions targets for 2030 and 2050.

Solar Power Direct looks at the Powering Australia plan and how you can participate by installing your own EV chargers and home solar systems in South Australia.

Australia’s Emissions Targets

Currently Australian transport makes up 19% of national carbon emissions. The Australian government target is to reduce carbon emissions by 43% from 2005 levels by year 2030 and reach net zero emissions by 2050. The NEVS plays a key role in reducing emissions from road transportation by accessing new technologies, such as electric vehicles and EV charging stations. The South Australian government has indicated that all new passenger vehicles for sale are to be fully electric by 2035.

What is the Electric Vehicle Discount?

Currently the electric vehicle discount is slated to take the form of an exemption from fringe benefits tax and import tariffs for eligible electric cars. State governments are also amending registration and stamp duty costs to make EVs more affordable.

Ways You Can Participate

A key strategy for Australian households to reduce costs from charging electric vehicles would be to install their own home solar systems and use EV chargers such as the Tesla charging station to charge their vehicles. Solar Power Direct can help you with the purchase and installation of home solar systems and your Wall Box or Tesla charging station.

For streamlined solutions for an emissions reduced future, call Solar Power Direct on 08 7226 0560 about our Tesla charging station to power your EVs in South Australia.

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