Hanwha Q-Cells Panels & Solar Batteries Adelaide, SA

Posted on 03 October 2022

Hanwha Q-Cells Panels & Solar Batteries Adelaide, SA

The solar power revolution is well underway. As the world turns towards cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy, solar power has emerged the clear winner. Hanwha Q-cells is leading the charge in Adelaide, with a range of world class solar panels and solar batteries for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. Here at Solar Power Direct, we take pride in providing Australians with expert advice on solar equipment.

Hanwha Q-Cells Solar Panels for Houses

Manufactured to the highest European standards, Hanwha Q Cells is known as one of the world’s leading solar companies. From solar panels to batteries, and even entire solar panel plants, Hanwha’s Q Cells brand guarantees award winning performance, reliability and safety to every customer, whether residential or commercial. They are known for high performance solar engineering and their commitment to transparency, as evidenced by their continued partnerships with highly respected independent third parties such as Fraunhaufer Institute and Photon Labs.

Q Cells solar panel features include:

  • A zero gap cell layout which boosts efficiency up to 21.4%
  • Cutting-edge all-weather technology which provides optimal yield in low light and extreme temperatures
  • Yield security guaranteed with Anti LID Technology, Hot Spot Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q™
  • Durable aluminium alloy frame certified for heavy snowfall and windy conditions of up to 4000Pa
  • A comprehensive 20-year warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty
  • Innovative module technology uses the latest cell separation wiring with Q.ANTUM technology for improved performance

Hanwha Solar Power Batteries

Are you looking for total energy independence? When it comes to high performance batteries for solar system energy storage, Q Cells leads the way. The Q.Home Core H5 and Q.Home Core A5 are world class solar batteries with features including:

  • Innovative design features which make the batteries easy to install
  • Higher efficiency than other solar battery competitors.
  • A futuristic algorithm which uses real-time weather information to optimise battery performance
  • Energy scalability from 6.8 kWh to 20.5 kWh for specific energy consumption needs
  • Continuous and stable backup during grid faults
  • Comprehensive 15-year warranty for a solar battery which is known for its reliability and stability

Expert Installation for Solar Power Batteries

At Solar Power Direct, we are passionate about assisting residential and commercial customers on their solar power journey. With the right experts by your side, you can now get more out of your solar investment than ever before. Contact us today to speak to an experienced solar installation company.

Solar Power Direct is a proud member of the Smart Energy Council, working towards a safe climate and a strong renewable economy.