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Who is Nectr?

Nectr is award winning energy company for lower bills, clean power, and green initiatives, servicing over 40,000 Aussies to date. Nectr is backed by Hanwha Energy Australia, a part of a Fortune 500 global company, Hanwha Group in South Korea.

Why Nectr?

Our awards highlight our commitment to offer customers an easy way to take climate action, reduce individual household energy costs and environmental impact. All that with competitive rates.

Building a Sustainable Future

Nectr’s mission began and continues to be to clean up energy industry to make it better for everyone, and home solar and battery solutions make up huge part of that vision. Our goal is to help expedite Australia’s solar and battery initiatives by offering competitive home solar and battery solutions whether they be new installations or retrofits of existing solar systems and building an innovative virtual power plant (VPP) for efficient energy distribution.

Nectr Virtual Power Plants

Home solar and batteries are becoming increasingly more affordable, and with falling Feed-in-Tariff (FIT), rising electricity costs, and the hot and dry conditions in full swing, it is the way to go for Aussie homeowners. Nectr has recently launched 2 options of VPP plans to ensure homeowners with batteries can reap the benefit while supporting the grid by charging and discharging their batteries at critical times.

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