Free Solar with any SunPower Reserve Battery!

Save big this summer and score 16 Free Premium SunPower Performance 6 panels with any SunPower Reserve Hybrid Battery System!

Introducing the Reserve, the newest battery release from SunPower, the world's premier and most eco-friendly solar panel manufacturer. SunPower, renowned for their top-notch panels and extensive warranties, has just unveiled the Reserve. To mark this occasion, Solar Power Direct is excited to present an exceptional and time-limited offer, available only while current Performance 6 panel stocks last.

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Seize the opportunity with our zero-interest, zero-fee finance options offered through Nectr. Experience peace of mind with fixed energy rates for five years, eliminating concerns about annual price hikes. Enjoy the flexibility of no lock-in contracts, giving you the freedom to cancel anytime.

*Terms and conditions apply. Standard metro, tin roof, single story, single phase installation. Nectr finance available too approved applicants, in area's of Nectr VPP Coverage. Constant internet connection required. 

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