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Take advantage of the Home Battery Scheme and Tesla Energy plan to get a Tesla Powerwall!

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Home Battery Scheme

From sa.gov.au

With large subsidies on the cost of a battery and low interest finance available if needed, there has never been a better time to invest in solar and a battery for your home.

South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme means cleaner, more affordable, reliable power for every household that purchases a system. In addition, the installation of these systems will reduce demand on the network (especially during peak periods) and in turn, lower energy prices for all South Australians.

Tesla Energy Plan

From tesla.com

Receive a huge discount off Powerwall when you join the Tesla Energy Plan.

  • Save over $300 per year with a $0 supply charge and the best energy rate in South Australia.
  • Powerwall easily integrates with solar to provide continuous power, reducing your reliance on the grid.
  • Powerwall works with solar to power your home 24/7, even during blackouts.
  • Seamlessly monitor your Powerwall and solar panels anytime, anywhere with the Tesla app.

Tesla Virtual Power Plant

From tesla.com

The Tesla Virtual Power Plant connects a network of solar-powered homes plus Powerwall with the Tesla Energy Plan — providing backup power day and night, even during a grid outage. This allows for increased energy security and grid stability for the entire community.

Because the Tesla Virtual Power Plant will access the energy your solar produces and stores in your Powerwall, you will receive credits on your Tesla Energy bill to acknowledge your participation in the Tesla Virtual Power Plant.

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