MEA Awards - 2022 Energy Efficiency Project of the Year - CAWRA

The project was to design and install a Rooftop 225kw solar system for Central Adelaide Waste and Recycling Authority (CAWRA) SA Government council recycling facility. A joint initiative of the Cities of Charles Sturt and Port Adelaide Enfield, CAWRA is a local government regional subsidiary formed to take back control of recycling for our communities.

CAWRA’s new MRF will utilise the latest in optical sorting technology to produce clean commodities ideal for developing local markets. Its design future-proofs SA’s kerbside recycling sector, while reducing fire risk.

Builder: Pascale Constructions project was to install a new building 90meter in length and 40 meters wide for a large domestic recycling bin sorting machine. key achievements were Fitting the installation into the tight build schedule Leasing with the builder and SAPN continuously to adapt to changes in the design and construct building project. A five-week lead time to supply and install the roof top solar panels. Above all, the most challenging part was dealing with covid. Site shutdowns, staff isolations, materials shortages, and delays were all hurdles to overcome.

Project Details:

  • Location: 25 Mill Court, Kilburn, SA 5084
  • Start Date: 30/07/2021
  • Completion Date: 24/11/2021
  • Brief: To supply and install a solar system 225kw in size.

Scope of work performed:

  • Install PV racking, panels, cable management, and load breaks devices on the roof.
  • Install 2 x 100kw ABB inverters, grid protection device, cable management, load break devices, protection to the allocated area within the building.

Details of the technical elements of the project:

  • String and cable design to allow for a logical, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing installation. installation of cable tray on the exterior and interior of the building to protect the cabling and have a clean finish.

Details of energy efficiency solutions including desired outcomes:

  • The main Goal was to provide a Solar system to lower energy cost and reduce dependence from the Grid. We provided the customer with High quality Italian made Inverters (ABB) for added longevity and Reliability.

Outline the products used:

  • ABB PVS-100-TL inverters Risen 450w Solar Panels Switched in Droplet Grid Protect Duo 220kVA All in One Network Protection Board (ABBCM-UFD.M33 Protection Relay) 2x250A CBs, 2X250A Contactors, 1x 400A Main Switch, ABB CM-UFD.M33 protection relay. (GP-Duo-220-1) goomax racking system Beny DC isolators

Details of any new technologies or techniques utilised:

  • Switch Din Droplet for Flexible export control

Details of any outstanding achievements within the project (with a focus on the energy efficiency components):

  • Solar system installed to significantly reduce the power bills for the facility

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management

  • How did you demonstrate and promote your business commitment to its safety management system during this project?
    SWMS / risk assessments were reviewed with the team and site-specific. the required plant was utilized and large exclusion ones were created to minimize the chance of safety incidents.

Business Management

  • Staff training and development - was additional training undertaken to prepare for this project?
    There was no additional training specifically for this job as we were able to engage our most experienced electricians, however there is continual training and development through out the year.
  • What makes this project stand out?
    This project stands out to us as it is the largest system that we have been a part of. we gathered knowledge from years of installing solar of all shapes and sizes and joined this to produce a system for the State Govt/local council that will provide them with renewable energy free from the sun.

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