Solar Rebates South Australia

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Looking for solar rebates in South Australia? Solar Power Direct has you covered with valuable resources on government grants so you can save money on your environmentally friendly investment.

STC Financial Incentive

The STC Financial Incentive features Australian Government subsidies through small-scale technology certificates (STCs). By purchasing an eligible solar system from Solar Power Direct, you can offset the cost of your solar power system. You get STCs based on the electricity your solar system can produce, offsetting what your property would need from the main grid.

Feed-in Tariff

Feed-in Tariffs are another option for solar rebates in South Australia. These tariffs are offered by many electricity retailers for any excess electricity generated and exported to the grid. Keep in mind that adding batteries may impact feed-in tariffs. Your local energy retailer can help you get money back with feed-in tariffs for your home solar energy system.

Virtual Power Plants (VPP)

By aggregating thousands of individual home batteries, virtual power plants allow renewable energy to be injected into the grid with lightning speed to address frequency and voltage imbalances, local disruptions or disturbances and keep the network stable.

The technology is being rolled out across the country, through projects like the Origin Loop VPP, Tesla VPP & more unique models like Amber Electric's.  

Through these projects, operators are able to remotely deploy energy from participating households for a range of services, like responding to energy shortfalls, providing frequency control ancillary services and network support.

Households are rewarded for participating, generally through direct payments or bill credits.

Virtual power plants have individual equipment requirements and some are more beneficial to certain types of energy users than others so its recommended that you discuss your intentions and needs with our consultants if you are wanting to join a specific VPP. 

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Origin Loop Virtual Power Plant with No Lock-In Contracts!

Origin Loop Virtual Power Plant with No Lock-In Contracts!

Join the Loop and Claim $400 sign on credit & up-to $2,050 REPS Rebate*
REPS Battery/VPP Rebate: Up-to $2,050 Cash Back

REPS Battery/VPP Rebate: Up-to $2,050 Cash Back

Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS) | Claim up to $2,050 cash back on new battery installations when you join an eligible VPP.

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