5 Reasons a Solar Battery is a Smart Investment in SA

Posted on 16 June 2022

5 Reasons a Solar Battery is a Smart Investment in SA

Many homeowners purchasing residential solar systems from Solar Power Direct also consider the purchase of a solar battery as be a smart investment. Rising power costs are seeing more homeowners buying solar batteries Adelaide wide, to offset the payments made on electricity bills.

Solar economists seem to agree that reducing the amount of power from your electricity provider may save more money in the long term, rather than feeding your excess solar energy back into the grid. The household solar rebates South Australia wide for solar battery purchases, also make them very affordable for homeowners.

1. A Solar Battery will Allow You to use Your Own Energy at Night

A solar battery is a great solution, because it allows you to use your solar power when the sun isn’t shining. Instead of feeding your excess power back into the grid, you can store it in your solar battery for later use. The value of this is clear, when you compare the feed In tariff rate to your electricity purchasing rate, which is much higher. A solar battery will allow you to keep your energy, instead of buying it back later at a higher rate.

2. Become Energy Independent with Solar Batteries Adelaide

If you configure your solar system for energy independence, solar batteries can allow you to use stored power, when neither solar power nor mains power is available. This may become very significant in times of critical power use during an energy outage. It’s an investment in reliability for homes and businesses alike.

3. Hedge Against the Rising Price of Energy with Solar Panels for Houses

Solar power is a great against the possibility of future electricity rate rises. Many solar panels for houses have a warranty for 25 years, whilst many solar inverters and solar batteries have a warranty for approximately 10 years. So, your current investment will last well into the future.

4. Take Advantage of Solar Rebates South Australia

Save money on your solar battery with South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme. South Australians can get up to $2000 off the cost of their battery in government subsidies. If your solar battery purchase is for your business or investment property, you may be able to claim it as a tax deduction for a capital improvement.

5. Use Solar Batteries to Power Electric Cars & Swimming Pools

Did you know that home solar systems can also be used to power electric vehicles, mowers, and swimming pool filters? A solar battery can help you to defray the costs of motoring and other activities, that could be powered by electricity. A battery is particularly useful when using solar power to charge your appliances, vehicles, hot water heating systems and swimming pools at night.

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