Approved Solar Retailer Update

Posted on 25 March 2019

Approved Solar Retailer Update

Back in January, Solar Power Direct became Clean Energy Council Approved Retailers, which comes with a whole range of benefits to you as a consumer. You can read more about that here.

Yesterday, the Victorian Government announced that it is introducing a new requirement that any solar systems installed under its Solar Homes Package must be purchased from a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer.

This is an extremely positive development for the industry that will ensure that Victorian consumers looking to reap the significant benefits of rooftop solar are protected from sub-standard installations and dodgy solar companies.

The Approved Solar Retailer program was first established in 2013 in response to concerns that unscrupulous operators were damaging the reputation of the Australian solar industry. Since then, the program has accepted more than 250 signatories and rejected almost as many companies who didn’t meet the program’s rigorous assessment standards.

In response to yesterday’s announcement, CEC Chief Executive Kane Thornton has written an article outlining the positive impact that the Approved Solar Retailer program has had on the industry and why its inclusion as part of the Solar Homes Package is an important development in maintaining the integrity and reputation of the Australian solar industry.

When you buy solar from a Clean Energy Council approved retailer such as Solar Power Direct, you can be assured that you are buying a quality product from a company that follows all relevant consumer protection laws and is prepared to back the operation of your solar PV system for at least five years.

Solar Power Direct is a proud member of the Smart Energy Council, working towards a safe climate and a strong renewable economy.