Do You Need A Solar Battery for Your Residential Solar System in South Australia?

Posted on 08 November 2021

Do You Need A Solar Battery for Your Residential Solar System in South Australia?

Whether you are thinking about installing a residential solar system or already have solar panels for your home in South Australia, having a reliable solar battery is imperative. There are many solar batteries on the market, but it can be hard to determine which one is right for you.

Solar Power Direct has worked with thousands of Adelaide homeowners to find the best solar batteries for their systems. Overall, we've narrowed it down to two top players that are always reliable and work with almost all residential solar systems.

What Are Solar Batteries and Why Do You Need One?

Solar batteries store extra energy accumulated during the day so your system can continue running even when the sun is hiding. Solar energy is a super reliable source of power, but what happens at night or on those cloudy days in South Australia where the clouds are in the way of the sun reaching your solar panels? That is where having a good solar battery storage solution becomes very useful.

Solar Power Direct can help you decide on the right solar battery solution and work with you to get it installed promptly. Here are our two favourite solar batteries:

Alpha ESS: An Adaptable Solar Battery Solution

The Alpha ESS Storion Eco series offers you a modular plug and play solution that taps right into your current solar system. If you aren't sure where to start, the SMILE-BAT-10.1P might be perfect for your needs. It is small, modular and designed to grow with your needs. If you know you will be needing a more robust battery right off the bat, you might want to consider installing the Smile 5 which is much more adaptable to residential needs.

Tesla Powerwall: A No-Frills, Fully-Integrated AC Battery System

The Tesla Powerwall integrates easily with your current solar power system. The rechargeable lithium-ion AC battery system is designed for residential and light commercial use. The electrical interface provides a simple connection to any home or building making it a simple solution for new customers to navigate. Furthermore, its compact design achieves market-leading energy density while being very easy to install.

Will these solar batteries work for your solar system in South Australia? To find out more about solar battery storage, call Solar Power Direct on 08 7226 0560.

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