Do You Need Council Approval for Solar Panels in South Australia?

Posted on 20 July 2022

Do You Need Council Approval for Solar Panels in South Australia?

Each state has different rules and regulations regarding residential construction, including solar panel installation. Before making the choice to install residential solar panels, it is first important to research what kind of approval you need, prior to starting the installation process. In this article, Solar Power Direct will explain whether you need council approval and what to consider before installing your home solar systems, as well as how the trusted team in South Australia can help you.

Do Home Solar Systems Require Approval?

In the state of South Australia, you are not usually required to get council approval for home solar systems. A contractor with appropriate accreditation must install the residential solar panels, however, and they must submit an application for the installed network before it can import and export electricity on your behalf. You only require council approval in South Australia if your residential solar panels are being installed on a heritage-listed building, or they are visible from the street. If your solar system will be visible from the street, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the experts and ensure your installation process meets all requirements for approval.

Further Requirements

 For grid-connected solar installations in South Australia, the system must be installed in accordance with regulation of the distribution network operator SA Power Networks.

How Solar Power Direct Can Help

Solar Power Direct have been leading the way in innovative solar development in the state of South Australia for years. With such experience, our reliable team are the perfect people to come to for any queries and questions regarding solar panel approval. They can help you better understand what type of approval you will need, what bodies you will need to communicate and comply with, and which avenue to take in order for the process to happen quickly and efficiently.

For more information on your home solar systems and the government requirements, feel free to get in touch online, or give Solar Power Direct a call on 08 7226 0560.

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