Feed-in Frenzy For Home Owners

Posted on 05 November 2015

Feed-in Frenzy For Home Owners

Solar quality powers you long term, for less.

Lower establishment costs and limited, feed-in rebates help make it affordable for most home owners to offset rising power costs well into the future. Managing director of Solar Power Direct Paul Maiolo says there’s ample time to cut householders’ power cost pain with federal grants and feed-in tariffs still available for solar systems locked in by September 30 next year.

Such homeowners will be eligible for the 16c feed-in tariff plus an additional 9.8c (minimum guaranteed under legislation) from their retailer. Paul says people still to invest in home solar systems will also save on reduced set-up costs. Prices in the past year are 50 per cent lower for systems than a year ago, he says. With power prices still on the rise, it’s wise to get a foothold in the solar market as soon as possible to offset your exposure to the rising price of traditional electricity.Paul says power prices were predicted to rise 18 per cent this year and slightly more in 2013.

Solar Power Direct is SA-owned and operated and committed to high quality products, using only Tier One panels and German technology inverters. Its product range includes panels by Jinko Q-Cells and inverters by Samil Power, Delta Solivia and SMA. It’s about installing the best quality systems but also getting expert installation to achieve the best performance from your solar system, Paul says.

Solar Power Direct is a member of the national Clean Energy Council and offers interest-free payment plans for its solar PV systems. Paul is a qualified electrician and says the firm prides itself on providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service with integrity throughout the dealings.

Solar Power Direct is a proud member of the Smart Energy Council, working towards a safe climate and a strong renewable economy.