How sustainable living is affecting new home kitchen installations

Posted on 05 June 2020

How sustainable living is affecting new home kitchen installations

Going green is becoming less of a trend and more of a lifestyle choice these days. From composting to plant-based eating, environmentally friendly solutions to everyday activities are becoming increasingly more popular amongst Australians. But what does this mean for homeowners looking to build a brand new eco-efficient home or revamp their house into a sustainable and environmentally-friendly dwelling?

As sustainability becomes an ever growing priority, more and more homeowners are choosing to incorporate eco-friendly materials and features into their homes. The Australian Government has even started encouraging and in some cases incentivising homeowners who choose to renovate or build a new home that proves to be sustainable.

It’s true that the kitchen is one of the biggest energy suckers in any home. With new designs, materials and sources of energy – how is the sustainability movement affecting modern new home kitchen installations?

Energy-efficient appliances

On average, household appliances such as the fridge, freezer and microwave are the highest users of electricity. Making sustainable appliance choices is an easy way to ensure your kitchen renovation is an eco-friendly one. Big name brands such as Bosch and Samsung are beginning to take notice and incorporate sustainable features into their appliances.

When shopping for appliances to use in your new kitchen, use the Energy Rating label scheme as a guide for efficient appliances. This system allows you to compare different appliances by star ratings. The more efficient the appliance, the more stars it will have. It’s important to remember size is also a factor. This means a large 5-star model may use more energy than a smaller 4-star model. Check the label as it always includes total energy consumption figures along with the useful star rating.

Renewable energy sources

More sustainable sources of energy are often considered during a new home build. Renewable energy can be used for home heating and cooling, hot water and even to power cooking appliances in the kitchen. Both grid connected and stand alone solutions operate with low running costs as well, ultimately saving you money on energy in the long run. There are also other financial incentives that may be available to offset the initial cost of installing solar panels.

Sustainable materials

Green kitchens almost always incorporate natural and sustainable materials for cabinetry, flooring and even benchtops. This can be classified as materials that provide economical, environmental and social benefits. From its formation to installation until disposal, sustainable materials are intended to protect the environment throughout its entire life cycle. From bamboo and cork to recycled materials such as aluminum and plastic, all options are affordable and sustainable solutions for new home kitchens.

Join the movement

If you’re planning a new home kitchen installation or even a slight remodel, sustainable solutions are the way to go – not only for resale but to save money as well. That being said, consider installing solar panels in your new home to create an eco-friendly space that operate solely on renewable energy.

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