How to protect your panels from nasty external forces

Posted on 09 June 2020

How to protect your panels from nasty external forces

Panels have come a long way since their inception, however the technology of these unique solar energy generators is ever changing and constantly improving. While solar panels are designed to withstand most climates and can last up to 20 years in some cases, they are not necessarily immune to damage. The good news is that with the proper protection in place, preventing the effects weather has on solar panels can help to lengthen their lifespan and protect them from inclement weather.

Install a lightning rod and surge protectors

Solar panels pose the risk of being struck by lightning. Even if lightning strikes from several metres away, it can still harm your solar panels. Installing surge protectors can help to direct the lightning to the earth or block surges from going anywhere. Lightning rods can also protect your solar panels from direct strikes by providing a straight route to the ground, preventing damage to the panels themselves. Indirect hits can introduce high voltages into the system which can cause components to catch on fire. Installing a rod or discharge path on your property can help direct lightning away from your solar panels as well.

Implement a secure anchoring system

Australia’s weather can be unpredictable. Using a secure anchoring system can help keep your solar panels in place by providing stability that prevents any sort of movement. You will also want to consider positioning your panels on an angle so rain and hail can easily slide off them, decreasing the likelihood of damage. This can be done at initial installation or you can harness them to your roof later on. Even in the windiest storms, with the proper support your solar panels will not blow off.

Include solar panels in your insurance policy

Solar panels are considered a part of your building or home, which means If you have home and contents insurance, they can be added to your policy. However, you will have to contact your insurance provider as adding them to your policy will likely increase your premium. Some insurers may also offer additional optional coverage in the case that your panels are damaged or stolen.

Arrange for regular maintenance

Investing in a solar system can be expensive. While the initial setup costs are often outweighed by savings on your energy bill, this is only possible if they are working properly. That’s why regular maintenance checks are crucial to ensure the optimum performance of your solar panels. Solar Power Direct can help keep your operation running smoothly. We offer a range of solar maintenance contracts including one, three or five-year options. Browse our range of solar maintenance services including solar health checks and panel cleaning.

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