Maximise your solar power and save

Posted on 01 August 2018

Maximise your solar power and save

G​et more value from your rooftop solar power with battery storage systems that allow you to use more of what your grid connect system produces.

Master electrician and managing director of Solar Power Direct, Paul Maiolo, says a solar battery storage system collects the electrochemical energy from solar panels while the sun is up and stores it so it can be used during the night.

“Your electricity bills will be much lower and your battery will ultimately pay for itself in the same way as your solar panels,” Paul says. “This will be significantly assisted by the feed-in tariffs that you will be able to take advantage of.”

You also have the backing of a continuous electricity supply and be largely insulated from the blackouts that many experts predict will become more frequent as Australia’s power supply difficulties intensify.

Banking on solar power storage means you will also reduce your carbon footprint as well. Solar storage batteries look like an average hot water system and you can buy two main types: lead-acid and lithium. Paul says lead-acid batteries are mostly used on rural properties where it is expensive to connect to the grid.

“Lithium batteries are most often attached to household solar panels and are ideal for solar power storage,’’ he says. “Every year they become cheaper and more efficient.’’

You can go entirely off the grid with solar battery storage but Paul says there are still some difficulties because you may not be able to cover all of your energy needs.

Solar Power Direct installs Delta units from the Delta Group, a company dedicated to sustainability and committed to providing innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions.

The company’s expert staff are on hand to explain solar and storage benefits, changes to rebates or other questions and they also provide solar maintenance and checks, and is accredited by the National Clean Energy Council.

Solar Power Direct is a proud member of the Smart Energy Council, working towards a safe climate and a strong renewable economy.