Solar Rebates in South Australia

Posted on 22 November 2021

Solar Rebates in South Australia

It pays to jump on board with renewable energy! The government offers tons of incentives and solar rebates in South Australia for homeowners who take the leap and install solar energy systems. Why? Because the government knows that solar energy creates a more sustainable future for everyone.

If you're a new homeowner or have been eyeing solar systems in Adelaide, now's the time to phone your local solar panels installation company. After all, who wouldn't want to make money every month for simply using a renewable energy source? Check out these solar rebates in South Australia available now.

Home Battery Scheme

The SA Home Battery Scheme is a state government subsidy that helps households in South Australia cover the costs of installing a solar battery system. Through the Home Battery Scheme, the government will cover up to $150 per kWh (or $250 per kWh for energy concession holders).

Small-Scale Technology Certificates

Small-scale technology certificates (or STCs) are solar rebates that can reduce the cost of solar panels installation in South Australia. You earn STCs for the electricity that your solar system produces instead of you having to rely on the grid. Therefore, the better your solar energy system is, the more STCs you receive!

Solar Feed-In Tariff

The solar feed-in tariff allows you to receive rebates for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of excess electricity your solar energy system produces and kicks back to the electricity grid. To qualify for this incentive, you must get permission from SA Power Networks to connect your system to the main electricity grid, so make sure you talk to your local energy retailer about your options.

Start Earning from Your Solar System

Installing a solar energy system offers many benefits, from sustainability to reducing your overall energy bill. One of the hurdles for many South Australian homeowners is the cost of installation. With these rebates available, you might not have to spend an arm and a leg to get your solar electricity system up and running.

Solar Power Direct is a qualified installer for these subsidy programs. We can help you get the best solar systems in Adelaide for less. To learn more, call us on 08 7226 0560.

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