The Tesla Energy Plan

Posted on 18 October 2019

The Tesla Energy Plan

If you’re on the ball with your energy-saving and have already installed a Tesla Powerwall in your home, do we have news for you!

The new Tesla Energy Plan, powered by Energy Locals is offering the best electricity rate in South Australia* and it helps feed back in to a VPP (Virtual Power Plant), to support the South Australian public with clean, renewable energy.

If you’ve been planning to install a Tesla Powerwall, but haven’t yet gotten around to it, the news is even better. Customers can now purchase a Powerwall through the plan, from only $3,499 (plus installation, post-subsidy).

What is a virtual power plant?

A VPP or Virtual Power Plant is a new concept whereby aggregated solar power systems, combined with home battery backups can virtually join together their stored energy to feed back into the grid. With the Tesla Energy plan Tesla will connect your system with others in the area to create your very own VPP to assist you and your community with power in times of need.

What will I save with the Tesla Energy Plan?

There are great savings to be made on the Tesla Energy Plan.

Firstly, the plan removes the daily usage fee for your electricity. This frustrating fee can end up costing around $300 per year, but not so with the Tesla Energy Plan. You could even receive a $0 bill if you combine this with living completely within your solar power production!

You’ll get 35%* less than the reference price. Statistically, the average SA home uses 4000kWh. Even though every individual’s bills differ, the lowest annual price for 4000kWh is $1245. On average, with a Tesla Powerwall and an installed solar system on this plan, customers often use less than 600kWh/year. This equates to $187 annually.

The plan still offers a competitive solar feed in tariff of 10c/kWh and 31.13c/kWh usage inc GST for any energy used from the grid.

Am I eligible for the Tesla Energy Plan?

There are only two things you need to be eligible: an installed solar panel system and a Tesla Powerwall.

Even if you haven’t yet purchased your Tesla Powerwall, you can do so through the Tesla Energy Plan and get a reduced rate, starting from $3,499 post-subsidy. At Solar Power Direct we’re happy to discuss this offer further with you.

Do I get to keep my current feed in tariff?

Unfortunately not. The Tesla Energy Plan is designed to save you more by avoiding any form of daily fixed charge, providing a generous solar feed-in-tariff of $0.10/kWh and offering the cheapest generally available energy usage rate available in SA*! However, when changing from your current plan to The Tesla Energy Plan you will lose the incentives provided by your previous provider.

How do I sign up for the Tesla Energy plan?

Signing up is simple, simply head to

How do I find out more about the Tesla Energy Plan?

You can read up on the plan’s Terms and conditions or scour the FAQ provided by Energy Locals.

How do I find out more about the Tesla Powerwall?

You can head to our blog to discover all you need to know about the new Tesla Powerwall.

*Cheapest generally available energy usage rate in South Australia as at August 2019.

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