We Now Proudly Offer EV Chargers in South Australia

Posted on 20 February 2023

We Now Proudly Offer EV Chargers in South Australia

As electric powered cars become more efficient and more competitive in the Australian new car market, Solar Power Direct can now offer efficient EV charging solutions that integrate with your home solar systems in South Australia. We offer EV chargers for Tesla and other electric cars that use the standard Type 2 charging socket in Australia.

Home Solar Systems and EV Charging Stations

As the costs of fossil fuels increases and the use of renewable energy sources such as solar power become more desirable, it is becoming more common for EV owners to install home solar systems to charge their EVs. Solar Power Direct now proudly supplies and installs EV chargers from Tesla and Wall Box. We’ve put together a guide of features for each charger below.

Tesla Charging Station for EVs

A Tesla Wall Connector is suitable for use in homes or businesses with a single phase or 3 phase power supply. The compact contemporary unit mounts unobtrusively on your indoor or outdoor wall and features a 7.3 metre charging cable length. On a 3 Phase power supply it offers a 71km of charge per hour.

Other features include power sharing with other Tesla Wall Connectors for multiple EVs, WPA2 password secured Wi-Fi access for firmware updates and remote diagnostics and Wi-Fi connectivity to routers, vehicles, mobile phones and Tesla devices. If there is a power outage during charging it can restart within 1-3 minutes of reconnecting. It also features thermal monitoring to prevent the unit from overheating. Other features include a built-in residual current device and ground monitor interrupter. The Tesla charging station is suitable for use in houses, apartments and workplaces.

Wall Box EV Charging Stations

Solar Power Direct supplies compact size EV charging stations from Wall Box. The Wall Box Pulsar Plus has a very discreet charging station with up to 22kW of charging capacity on a 3-phase power supply, which is comparable to the Tesla model. The Wall Box offers the myWall Box app which can be used to control your charger via your mobile phone or device once it is installed. The Pulsar Plus offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options for locations where Wi-Fi is not available. The charging cable is a standard 5 metres but can be optionally upgraded to 7 metres. It is suitable for homes with a single phase or 3 phase power supply.

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Solar Power Direct is a proud member of the Smart Energy Council, working towards a safe climate and a strong renewable economy.