What Is the Largest Size Solar Panel You Can Buy?

Posted on 04 April 2022

What Is the Largest Size Solar Panel You Can Buy?

These days, solar panels are manufactured in a range of different sizes to suit different requirements for different homes and businesses. As we move further away from non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels, and more towards clean energy options such as wind, water and solar energy, there is increasing pressure on manufacturers to make products that will harness and generate the maximum amount of energy possible. In this article, Solar Power Direct will discuss what the largest size solar panel available to buy is and what it might be used for. 

Commercial Solar Panels

Although residential solar panels and commercial solar panels can be the same size, commercial systems are usually larger. Today, a standard commercial solar panel is about 400 watts and 96 cells in size. Standard residential solar panels are usually around 300 watts and 72 cells in size, however they can also go up to 400 watts. The larger the solar system, the more efficiently energy will be produced. Therefore, commercial systems are usually more efficient due to their scale.

The Largest on the Market

Currently, the largest solar panel on the market is a whopping 700-watt powered solar panel. Its panel is an enormous 2.2 m wide and 1.75 m high. This huge solar panel is used by energy companies on a large commercial scale, meaning it is simply too big and therefore unnecessary, for residential use. Manufacturers are continually trying to one-up the other, which suggests that in the coming years, we will see the production of even bigger commercial solar panels, which have greater energy production capabilities.

Solar Panels for Businesses

If you are a large-scale business, for example a large hotel, a manufacturing company, or a mining company, you may be in the market to start powering your business using solar. At Solar Power Direct, we are experts in helping to install solar panels for businesses throughout South Australia.

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