What Size Solar System Does My Business Need?

Posted on 01 May 2023

What Size Solar System Does My Business Need?

Understanding the different types of commercial solar panels available on the market can be a daunting task. There are more commercial solar systems available than ever, all of which suit a different purpose and requirement of a commercial business. There is no simple one size fits all answer, however there are certain things you can research to make the decision easier. Here, Solar Power Direct discusses how to best understand what size solar panels will be most suitable for your business and why.

How Much Energy Does Your Business Use?

Solar panels for businesses, both in terms of their size and quantity, depend on how much energy your business uses. One reliable way to measure your energy use, is to calculate your average minimum daily load over the course of a week. This value can be used to determine how many commercial solar panels you need, as well as what commercial solar systems are suitable for your business. The higher your average minimum daily load, the larger your solar system will have to be.

Obtaining the Most From Commercial Solar Systems

In order to make the most out of your commercial solar panels, it is important to use as much energy generated from your system as possible. Any additional power generated from your system, which you do not use, will be fed back into the grid.

A Few General Guidelines

For a general rule, the size and number of solar panels for businesses can be determined as follows:

  • Systems Between 30kW and 100kW: These are mid-sized systems, ideal for small offices, retail spaces and bars.
  • Systems over 100kW: These systems are popular for large offices, small to medium sized factories and small hotels.
  • Systems over 250kW: Systems of this size are commonly used on large office buildings and big commercial hotels.

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