What You Should Know About Solar Self-Consumption in SA

Posted on 17 October 2022

What You Should Know About Solar Self-Consumption in SA

The evolution of solar power and how it impacts our society is an ongoing process. The days of feed-in tariffs are already behind us, with solar savvy Australians realising that to get the most out of a solar system investment, they need to consume the power that their solar systems generate. Solar self-consumption is the next step in the evolution of renewable solar energy, and Solar Power Direct is proud to be a part of the process.

Rising Popularity of Solar Power in Australia

Feed-in tariffs were considered to be an incentive for Australians to switch to solar, but the data indicates that the number of residential solar panels and commercial solar panels is continuing to grow across the country. The cost of solar panels for houses and installation is at an all-time low, while equipment efficiency is better than ever. If you have an unshaded roof and use even a moderate amount of electricity during the day, cutting edge solar equipment is the perfect choice for you.

How Does Solar Self-Consumption Work?

Simply put, solar panels for houses produce electricity which goes directly into your home where it can be used to power everything you need. The more a customer relies on residential solar panels or commercial solar panels, the less energy they will need to draw from the main grid. All unused solar energy is transferred back to the grid for low feed-in tariffs.

With solar self-consumption, the aim is to use as much solar energy as possible during peak hours. The first step is to invest in a solar unit that is suited to the maximum energy requirements of the home or business. Savvy solar users structure their routine so that the most energy intensive appliances are operated during peak daylight hours.

Energy Independence with Efficient Solar Power Units

At Solar Power Direct, we consider it our duty to lead the way in Australia’s solar evolution. With solar self-consumption, the aim is to invest in a solar power unit and use all the energy it produces so that once the initial investment is recovered through savings, all the solar energy used is essentially free. Contact Solar Power Direct for the latest information on solar equipment for residential and commercial purposes.

Solar Power Direct is a proud member of the Smart Energy Council, working towards a safe climate and a strong renewable economy.