Why Clean & Green Businesses Need to Adopt Solar to Reduce Emissions

Posted on 05 July 2022

Why Clean & Green Businesses Need to Adopt Solar to Reduce Emissions

In the current era, the move towards renewable energy is something that every business needs to consider. The advantages of installing solar panels for businesses are difficult to ignore. They include the environmental benefits of reducing carbon emissions, the current affordability of commercial solar systems, and the cost benefits of using your own commercial solar panels. Solar Power Direct explores the best incentives and solar rebates South Australia can offer to your business, so you can do your part to reduce carbon emissions.

Benefits for Using Solar Panels for Businesses

The cost of installing commercial solar systems has become an affordable option for many businesses, particularly with solar rebates and incentives. Solar panels for businesses are a great investment, when it comes to long-term energy and cost-efficiency. They can also significantly reduce your energy bills. Most businesses operate during the day, rather than in the evening, so they can take advantage of the sun’s rays. Solar panels for commercial businesses may be larger in size, and usually the roofs of commercial properties can take a larger number of panels than residential properties. This means maximum energy collection.

Some commercial solar systems with solar batteries are energy independent from the grid, so businesses can continue to operate even if there is a blackout. Businesses can also reap the benefit of helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Rebates and Incentives for Commercial Solar Systems

South Australia offers some generous rebates and incentives to businesses. These can make the installation of commercial solar systems more affordable. STCs (Small Technology Certificates) will save you thousands of dollars upfront on the cost of your commercial solar systems. The City of Adelaide also offers significant rebates you can claim, as part of their Sustainability Incentive Scheme, which applies to commercial solar systems in the Adelaide area.

Your business may also be eligible to claim an instant tax deduction for your solar system, if you own your own premises under current tax rules, as commercial solar systems are a capital improvement.

Social Awareness of Commercial Solar Panels and Sustainability

Studies claim that 30% of consumers plan to increase their spending with socially responsible businesses. Your installation of commercial solar panels will reinforce your commitment to the environment. It may also make your premises more attractive to buyers, if you plan to sell your property in the future.

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