Solar Panels & Batteries are not all created equal.

SunPower stands out as the industry leader in designing and constructing the most advanced solar technology. 

With nearly 40 years of experience, and backed by industry leading warranties, SunPower has proven itself and has weathered the changes in the industry and is continuing to excel. 

The flagship panels from SunPower are not only sustainably produced but are also engineered for long-lasting performance. Over the years, SunPower Maxeon panels consistently provide more energy and greater savings through superior technology. The SunPower Reserve, is backed by a leading warranty, peace of mind and support that can only be truly backed by an industry leader with a history as long as SunPower's. 

In the span of 40 years, SunPower has witnessed and adapted to the evolution of the solar industry. The SunPower Maxeon panels, known for setting records, ensure you have the finest solar solution for your home or business. Additionally, SunPower's innovative shingled cell Performance panels offer enhanced reliability and durability. Whether you opt for the record-setting Maxeon panels or the reliable value-oriented Performance panels, you can trust that SunPower has your energy needs covered. When it comes to energy storage SunPower's Reserve Battery has you covered with a safe and reliable (and surprisingly affordable) solution with exceptional features and warranty. 

SunPower, Trusted by NASA
In 1997, NASA began using SunPower solar cells. These cutting-edge cells were used in NASA's unmanned, remotely piloted, solar-powered, high-altitude aircraft, also known as "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" (UAVs).

Two years later, in 1999, NASA joined forces with the Helios project, a groundbreaking venture focused on developing a second-generation High-Altitude, Long-Endurance (HALE) UAV. NASA sought the lightest possible solar cell that could withstand high air pressure, optimise energy production, and even capture reflected light from clouds to generate additional power. SunPower reengineered their cells specifically for Helios. The resulting dramatic increase in efficiency played a pivotal role in Helios achieving a remarkable world record altitude of over 96,000 feet in 2001

SunPower back its products with the most robust warranties in the solar industry. Whether you choose the flagship SunPower Maxeon panel line, supported by an exceptional 40-year warranty, or the value-oriented SunPower Performance panels with a 25-year warranty on performance 6 and 30-year complete warranty on the new release Performance 7, you can be confident that your peace of mind is secured for decades to come. 

Our SunPower modules carry IEC61701 at Maximum Severity (Level 6) as stated on the data sheet. This standard is important if you are installing in a coast location, particularly within 500m of the sea to ensure the modules will not degrade prematurely. True to form SunPower has effectively ‘designed out’ another common fault that other conventional solar panels experience and therefore SunPower panels do not have restrictions on warranty for proximity to the coast (The panel just cannot be submerged).  

The SunPower Reserve hybrid battery system is backed by a 10 year warranty on both the inverter and battery, with a transparent warranty and guaranteed capacity of 80% after 10 years (That's significantly better than Tesla's 70% after 10 years) and supported by local teams based in Australia.

For those seeking a hassle-free and all-in-one solar and battery ecosystem from a single brand with outstanding warranties, Solar Power Direct highly recommends the SunPower Solar & Battery Solution.

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