Get a $400 Bonus Sign-up credit when you join Origin Loop!

Origin's Virtual Power Plant with No Lock-In Contracts!

We have a great offer from Origin to give eligible customers a great sign-up credit when you join its virtual power plant, Origin Loop, and sign up to any Origin electricity plan.

Unlock your battery’s potential with Origin Loop VPP

Origin have partnered with Solar Power Direct to give you greater value via access to join our virtual power plant, Origin Loop. Sign up today to receive a $400 sign-up bonus and $1/kWh^ for energy extracted from your battery and sent to the grid during Origin Loop events. Plus, we’ll still apply your standard feed-in tariff for energy drawn during other times.Best of all, no lock in contracts.

What is Origin Loop?

Think of the Loop virtual power plant (VPP) as a new, technology-centred energy grid. It uses its smarts to assess when energy is most needed.

Then, it coordinates thousands of energy assets to work together like a mini power station to manage supply and demand.

Your home solar battery is one of these assets, and is an important source of renewable energy that’s used to support the wider network.

Why you should join Origin Loop Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

$400 sign-up bonus*

Applied as a credit to your Origin electricity bill.

$1/kWh during Loop events

For energy extracted and sent to the grid. Plus still receive a competitive solar feed-in-tariff (FIT) of 13 c/kWh^, applied as credits to your Origin electricity bill.

200kWh annual cap on energy exports

Always feel in control knowing we will never take more than 200kWh from your battery annually as part of Origin Loop.

No lock-in contracts

While we think you’ll love Origin Loop, with no lock-in contracts you can leave at any time. Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply.

Partnering in positive energy, how Origin Loop VPP works

We’re all about working together to reduce power bills, manage the grid and keep all that good energy flowing. That’s why we’re inviting selected battery installers customers to join our growing network of connected solar batteries.

Community powered

The Origin Loop VPP relies on customers, like you, to share their excess battery stored solar energy (max 200 kWh / year) to reduce load on the grid during periods of peak demand.

Helping stabilise the grid

As the VPP utilises accessible solar energy, it’s helping reduce our reliance on coal power. Moving towards a renewable energy future is better for our communities and planet.

Full visibility

Know exactly when we discharge power from your battery, and how much, via the Home Energy Monitor feature in the Origin app.

To get started, install an eligible battery with Solar Power Direct and we'll assist you to connect solar battery and inverter.

If you have already installed a eligible battery you can join by clicking here.

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