Solar Leasing

For Commercial & Residential Customers

For commercial & residential properties, we offer a Solar Panel Leasing Option.

It is possible for eligible businesses and commercial properties to engage in commercial solar panel leasing to help with the cost of installing a commercial sized solar power system that will generate its own electricity and save the business money long term.

Commercial & residential solar panel leasing is provided by the Solar Finance Division of Asset Partners and if you are interested in leasing solar panels for your office, Solar Power Direct can provide the initial cost estimate and check the eligibility of your business and/or property.

Commercial Solar Panel Leasing Criteria:

  • You must have been in business for 2+ years
  • Directors are Home Owners, or owned in spouse’s name
  • Minimum spend of $10,000 including GST on solar system

The repayments calculated by us are an estimate and once you decide to proceed, then Solar finance comes on board and finalises all the costs and completes the necessary paperwork.

The solar lease is a chattel lease – which means the customer owns the asset at the point of entering the agreement – not once the asset is paid for.

  • Monthly instalments, theses do not include GST
  • Application fee – payable to Solar Finance $330-$400
  • No financials are required for a lease amount less than $50,000

Personal Solar Panel Leasing Criteria:

  • Minimum spend of $10,000 including GST on solar system

Lease Term: 3 years 36 months, 5 years 60 months or 7 years 84 Months

How to get started with Solar Panel Leasing

If you are thinking about getting a solar system for your businesses and are considering financing your installation by leasing solar panels, contact solar power direct today and we can help you work out the best system for your needs and begin the lease application process with you.

Benefits of Leasing Solar panels:

  • Able to pay by monthly installment
  • Benefits your cash flow
  • Asset type is financier approved
  • Reseller is financier approved
  • You own the asset on delivery
  • Chattel mortgages are more favourable, and more understood by businesses
  • GST of asset is claimed up front, no GST on instalment – great for cash flow!

Choosing the right System

Our commercial systems range from 10kW to 30kW, catering for almost every business. Our solar panels have a 25 year performance warranty and 10 year product warranty, whilst our inverters have a 5 year warranty.

All of our inverters have upgradeable options should you wish. Solar Power Direct is also proud to offer 10 years installation warranty on all systems installed!

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