Solar Panel Maintenance and System Checks

Investing in a solar system can help cut your monthly utility expenses, but for the greatest savings, your system needs to operate at peak performance.

When you first install solar panels from Solar Power Direct, you might see a sharp drop in your electric bill. Then, over time, the cost creeps back up.

Solar system maintenance helps keep your installation operating smoothly. It’s like getting a tune-up for your car. Yes, your car still runs without one, but it chews more fuel and loses efficiency. Over time, major systems could fail, all because you missed your tune-ups. A full inspection and annual solar panel maintenance keep every part of your solar system up and running.

Solar Panel Maintenance and System Checks

Maintenance Options

At Solar Power Direct, we offer several solar maintenance options. You can also invest in one, three or five-year annual service contracts. With regular service, you can rest easy, knowing that your electrical system is operating flawlessly.

single storey

Full Solar Inspection

Total solar system maintenance package

Our certified technicians provide you with a full solar system inspection, complete with a full report of findings. We will quote you for any additional service work required (if applicable on findings).

Our solar inspection involves a 50 point check.

During the check we do not fix any problems – but we will advise you of any problems and then provide quote to rectify any problems found.

Solar Inspection is a fixed quote, can take up to 2 hours to complete, average inspection takes 30-60mins.

per panel

Solar Panel Cleaning

Safely clean your solar panels

For all solar panel systems, you might need a clean of your solar panels to make sure the are operating at their full capacity.

For $15 per panel, a solar expert can come and clean your panels in a safe and efficient manner to save you the hassle of doing it yourself.

Plus much more!

We also provide Solar Servicing – bringing a system in line with electrical wiring standards and clean energy council installation requirements as well as Solar Panel cleaning.

When the power level drops from your solar system, you need to find and fix the problems as quickly as possible.

Our multi point inspections cover everything from system components to installation issues, so a full inspection helps keep your panels up and running for the entire life of the system.

Solar panel maintenance is an essential part of the cost-saving equation when switching to electrical power from the sun.

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