Best Solar Panels for Commercial Use?

Posted on 18 April 2022

Best Solar Panels for Commercial Use?

An increasing amount of businesses around Australia and around the world are choosing to go solar. With this trend, we are seeing more and more commercial solar panels being manufactured to tailor the specific electricity needs of businesses. This trend also means that there is an increasing level of competition in the solar panels for businesses marketplace. Increased demand and increased competition results in higher quality products at cheaper rates. This is exactly what we are seeing at the moment. In this article, Solar Power Direct will break down some of the best solar panels for businesses and why they are the most popular.

Commercial Solar Systems Adelaide

Some of the reputable brands manufacturing and producing solar panels in Australia includes:

  1. Risen: Risen Energy was founded in 1986 and is now a leading global manufacturer of high performance products. They focus on residential, commercial and utility-scale power generation and are known as one of the most powerful and cost-effective solar technology brands in the industry. With Solar Power Direct, you can now secure a free quote on any Risen Energy product.

  2. Jinko Solar: One of the leading manufacturers of solar power worldwide is Jinko Solar. With an annual capacity of 2.0 GW for silicon ingots, wafers, and solar PV cells, and approximately 2.1 GW for solar PV modules, many people choose to go with Jinko. You can also find their products stocked online at Solar Power Direct.

  3. Q Cells: Coming in with a cheaper price bracket are the products made by Q Cells, known for being high quality and reliable. With a panel efficiency of 21.4%, they rank as one of the highest-efficiency manufacturers and are stocked at Solar Power Direct.

The Importance of Quality Installation

As a business owner, something you seriously need to take into account is not only the brand of solar panel you are purchasing, but also who is coming to install it. You can purchase the absolute best panel on the market, but if it is not installed correctly, you will lose a great deal of its power generation capacity.

Solar Power Direct: How We Can Help

We are experienced experts in the field of solar energy and having been helping businesses around South Australia set up and install solar systems for years. We have a range of commercial solar panels available for you to purchase, while our installation team can be trusted to do an exceptional job.

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