Can You Add Solar Batteries to an Existing System?

Posted on 15 June 2023

Can You Add Solar Batteries to an Existing System?

If your home has residential solar panels, installing solar power batteries is a great way to maximise the system's benefits. By adding a battery to your home solar systems, you are able to not only have a power backup in the case of an outage, but also store excess power that your system generates. This excess power can be used for consumption during times when sunlight is low, or even when your solar panels require maintenance. Here, Solar Power Direct discusses whether or not you are able to add solar power batteries to already installed home solar systems. Furthermore, Solar Power Direct offers the best range of solar batteries Adelaide has to offer.

Can You Install a Battery to an Existing System?

The short answer to this question is yes. It is possible to install a solar battery to an already existing system. However, there is a likelihood that you will need to do some rewiring to your residential solar panels in order for this to happen. With solar panels becoming increasingly popular, a majority of electricians these days have the knowledge and ability to do such a job.

What Other Components Do You Need?

After installing a battery, you will also need to install a charge controller. This piece of equipment is responsible for charging your batteries. Charge controllers come in a range of sizes. Be sure to check the power output from your residential solar panels before choosing your charge controller. The larger the power output, the larger charge controller you will need.

Solar Batteries and Feed in Tariffs

In order to encourage households to install home solar systems, governments pay tariffs, which are payments made to home owners based on how much power they feed back into the grid. When you install solar power batteries, all of the excess power is stored in the battery, rather than being fed back into the grid, hence your tariff payments will go down.

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