Battery Storage Solutions

Looking to store your solar energy and use it during peak times? We provide solar battery storage solutions for homes and businesses throughout Adelaide and South Australia.

The solar battery backup is linked to the power grid, meaning that energy costs are not only saved in that one property but the benefits are also shared with the wider population, as transmission and distribution costs are reduced with each installation.

Battery Storage Solutions

How does a battery connect to my solar system?

Direct Current (DC) Batteries

Direct Current (DC) Batteries

  • Same current as energy from solar panels
  • Converted to AC for household and grid use
Alternating Current (AC) Batteries

Alternating Current (AC) Batteries

  • Same current as household and grid
  • Solar panel energy converted to AC for battery use

What else do I need to know?

Blackout protection

Typical solar battery systems will heavily reduce your reliance on the grid, but won’t provide power during a blackout. There are options available to use your battery’s energy during a blackout - talk to our team to find out more!

Energy usage

Your potential savings will depend on the amount and timing of your energy usage. Our team can help you calculate the savings and determine if a battery is right for you.

Government incentives

There are various incentives and grants available to help cover the cost of a new battery system. Check out the grants page to find out more.

Virtual Power Plant

Some energy providers are offering further incentives to connect your battery to a “Virtual Power Plant”. Your battery works alongside other households to provide stability to the grid, and you are financially rewarded each time!

Feed-in tarrifs

Installing a battery may affect your feed-in tarrif. Talk to our team if you are unsure.

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