How Often Should You Service Your Solar Panels?

Posted on 20 March 2023

How Often Should You Service Your Solar Panels?

Servicing your solar panels regularly can not only keep your panels working optimally but keep your home safe too. Solar Power Direct looks at common problems that can develop with residential solar panels, and we suggest our best options for scheduling a maintenance of your home solar systems in South Australia.

Common Problems with Solar Panels

Some of the most common problems with home solar systems are dirty or obstructed solar panels for houses, corrosion of support frames and faulty DC isolators. The problems with DC isolators usually apply to solar systems installed before 2018 and occur when water seeps into the DC isolator weakening it and causing it to catch on fire. Homes with older style isolators should be checked by trained maintenance companies every 2 years.

Solar systems are constantly at the mercy of the elements. It is worthwhile to check the frame and supports for any corrosion that may weaken the support structure. It is also recommended to clean the surface of the residential solar panels of dirt, leaves and obstructions. For a newer well-installed system, an interval of 5 years between professional services may be considered appropriate.

Obstructed and Poorly Cleaned Panels

A common reason for performing standard maintenance tasks is to check residential solar panels for dust, dirt and obstructions and to check the surroundings for obstructions from trees or falling leaves and branches. A dirty solar panel can result in reduced performance of not only one solar panel, but the entire system if they are linked to one inverter. Typically, a panel might get regularly cleaned by rain if it is installed at a 10 degree angle, like most solar panels for houses.

Monitor Your Solar Panels Performance

An effective way to alert yourself to problems with your solar panels is to monitor your electricity generation through an app and track your solar system’s performance over time. When you notice diminishing returns in your energy production, this is a great time to arrange a service with Solar Power Direct in South Australia. Schedule regular maintenance for your commercial solar panels with the best in the industry.

Make the most of your investment in commercial solar panels with regular maintenance checks. Call Solar Power Direct on 08 7226 0560 for a service in South Australia today.

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