How to Maintain Your Residential Solar Panels in SA

Posted on 21 September 2022

How to Maintain Your Residential Solar Panels in SA

It's a good idea to regularly maintain your home solar systems and solar panels South Australia wide. Routine maintenance will ensure that your residential solar panels continue to perform at optimum levels and the longevity of your home solar systems lasts for years to come.

Solar Power Direct looks at the proper maintenance for solar panel mounting rails, solar panel inverters and solar panels for houses, to keep them free from dirt, debris and corrosion. We’ll also look at the ways your solar monitoring system can assist you in diagnosing your home solar systems and any potential problems

The Benefits of Maintaining Solar Panels South Australia

Solar panels are subject to the sun, water and wind. They gather dust and debris, which effects the solar cells’ ability to absorb light from the sun. A benefit of regular maintenance is the early detection of problems that occur with your solar panels South Australia. They can now be corrected early and your system can keep working at full strength for many years to come.

Maintaining Solar Panels, Solar Panel Mounting Rails and Solar Panel Inverters

We recommend that you clean your solar panels 2 to 4 times a year with an air blower or hose, to make sure they are clear of dust and debris. Periodically, you may perform other maintenance tasks, such as checking for corrosion on the solar mounting rails and checking vents are clear of debris. Test the switches on your solar panel inverters, and monitor the system efficiency periodically with your Smartphone app. Examine wiring, cables, fittings and solar mounting rails to make sure they are securely attached and not damaged or deteriorated. Ensure that access to isolator switches is clear and that the emergency instructions for your home solar systems are displayed.

It is important to understand that even if you have switched your solar system off, the components may still pose an electrical risk. It is recommended that you use a licensed solar installer for your electrical maintenance, such as Solar Power Direct.

Using Monitoring Systems with Solar Panels for Houses

Monitoring your solar system with an app will help you to understand how much power you are using and saving in your home. Keeping track of your electricity usage will help you to recognise if your system is underperforming and needs maintenance.

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