Solar Panel Inverters in South Australia

Looking to set up solar power solutions for your home or business in South Australia? Solar Power Direct is here to help with the best string inverters to keep your system running optimally. As a leading solar suppliers and installers statewide, we take care of all your solar energy needs, inverter installation, service and repair.

The Power of String Inverters

String inverters feature a standalone box near the main electricity meter and service panel. You can have one or multiple inverters in a system with a series circuit that connects several individual solar panels as a series string.

There are many benefits to string solar panel inverters, which are connected via wire to combine rows of solar panels together. String solar panel inverters are small and convert less energy than a central inverter, but their size and design are perfect for homes and small businesses. The good news about string inverters is if one string malfunctions, only the power from that string is lost, not the whole system.

Solar Panel Inverters for Homes and Businesses

String inverters have been used for decades and are easy to maintain and troubleshoot. If you want to reduce energy costs and take advantage of modern solar power solutions, we are here to help. Let’s keep the power on, reduce costs and support a brighter future for our environment, whether it’s residential solar systems for new or existing homes or commercial solar systems to give local businesses a boost.

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