SMA, headquartered in Niestetal, Germany, stands as the global frontrunner in inverter manufacturing. With a robust foothold in Australia, SMA boasts the largest market share of installed inverters worldwide. 

Renowned for producing durable and reliable products, SMA's early establishment in Australia played a pivotal role in affirming the European Inverter's value and reliability, distinguishing it from more economical alternatives in the market.

Currently there are more than 750,000 SMA Inverters installed and active on Australian homes.

SMA Inverters feature advanced optimization not available in other inverters.

SMA Shadefix – Inverter automatically optimized energy production, even when shading occurs (Trees, Bird droppings, Chimneys, Antenna, Neighboring homes).

SMA Smart Connected - SMA checks the inverter for operational anomalies automatically and around the clock. If a fault has been diagnosed and analyzed, SMA informs the PV system operator and installer immediately by email. This ensures that everyone involved is properly prepared for the troubleshooting process, guaranteeing minimum downtime and reducing the amount of work and costs.

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