Maximizing the Australian Solar Rebate Before EOY

Posted on 05 December 2022

Maximizing the Australian Solar Rebate Before EOY

If you’re thinking about getting a solar system installed in your home or business, doing it before the end of the calendar year will likely save you a large chunk of change. The national solar incentive scheme applies Small Scale Technology Certificates to your purchase of residential solar panels, solar batteries or commercial solar systems. These discounts are part of a national incentive program that is set to scale back year to year until it drops to zero in 2030. Solar Power Direct looks at your options for 2022 rolling into 2023, and what you might also expect from solar rebates South Australia when you purchase your solar panels for houses or businesses before the end of the year.

The National Solar Incentive Scheme for Residential Solar Panels

You are offered a set number of Small Scale Technology Certificates per year for your purchase of solar panels for houses. The value of STCs varies based on your location in Australia. Zone 1 offers the highest rebate, whilst zone 4 offers the lowest.

As an example, we look at a solar rebate for residential solar panels in Adelaide at the postcode of 5000, in rebate zone 3. A standard 6.6kW system with residential solar panels, including a solar inverter would make you eligible for 82 STCs, at $32 to $38 per STC in 2022.

If you shop in 2023, the amount of STCs offered to you would be 72 STCs, at $35 to $38 per STC. The solar rebate drops by 1/15th every year from 2017 to 2030.

Why is the STC variable in this equation? It is affected by the market forces of supply and demand, with a maximum cap of $40 per STC. Your solar inverter and solar panels for houses must also meet other conditions:

  • Your system must be installed by an accredited Clean Air Council installer
  • Your system must be less than 100kW in size
  • Your solar panels are approved for use in Australia by the CAC

Other Solar Rebates South Australia Wide

If you are purchasing commercial solar panels for your business, an assets write-off is available allowing you to claim the entire cost of your asset in as short a time as 3 years. This is eligible for purchases of commercial solar panels, too. The assets write-off is available for your solar panels for businesses now and can offer businesses a large savings on their commercial solar systems.

It may not be too late to take advantage of the end of year savings. Contact Solar Power Direct on 08 7226 0560 to enquire about solar panels for businesses and take advantage of the great incentives available.

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