Which is Cheaper: Charging a Car at Home or at a Station?

Posted on 15 April 2023

Which is Cheaper: Charging a Car at Home or at a Station?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. We are seeing more models available on the market, as well as more consumers willing to make the move to environmentally friendly cars.This trend increases the demand for EV chargers in private, workplace and public areas. In this article Solar Power Direct discusses how much it costs to charge your vehicle on home EV chargers compared to public EV chargers.We will also determine which is cheaper for you.

Public EV Chargers

Public charging ports for electric vehicles are becoming increasingly necessary in Australia, with more EVs on the road. The main issue with a public EV charger is the initial setup. These charging stations are built to be more robust and stronger than home EV chargers, with industrial grade charging cords that are stronger and longer than home versions. These installation costs have a trickle down effect and are eventually passed onto you, making the cost of charging more expensive. EV owners generally use public chargers during the day, when they are at work or on the go. This time of the day is considered peak time, making the cost of the electricity higher than charging overnight.

Home EV Chargers

For the majority of EV owners, the most easily accessible place to charge their vehicle is at home. While there are a number of different EV makes and models on the market, Tesla cars are still the most popular. The Tesla home charger is extremely efficient and easy to use, making it a preferred option. Additionally, a Tesla home charger can be installed at an affordable cost, by a qualified Tesla electrician. EV owners usually charge their cars at home overnight. This is when electricity prices are at their lowest, as it is off-peak hours, making home EV chargers cheaper than public EV chargers.

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